Saturday, February 11, 2012

Burlap Cork Board Project

Home project #1.
I bought some burlap coffee sacks at a flea market Tuesday.  2 for $3 after my husband joked with the guy about coming down 50 cents each bag.  He was sincerely joking, but the guy sold them to me for $1.50 each happily and I was thrilled.  Both men asked me what I was going to do with them.  Don't they understand?  I don't have to have a project in mind yet, I just know I want to work with burlap.  That's good enough to spend the $3.  So, after getting home I started looking up projects.  I found a bunch.  So crafty some folks are!  I fancy myself a crafter, but really, I'm more of a copier when it comes to some things.  Or, a twister.  I take their idea, and twist it until it's mine.  
So it goes with this project.  I wanted a bulletin board for my kitchen.  One that's crafty and organized.  Her is my finished project.  Regrettably, I didn't think to make this a tutorial and take pictures of each step, so I'll post my steps instead.

I took a cardboard box, and split the sides into two equal pieces.  
Layering them opposite each other to shore up the weak spots.  
Then, I duct taped them together.  Yup, good ole' duct tape.  
I had some self adhesive cork material around, so I cut that to size, stuck it to the cardboard.  
Cut the burlap sack open, laid it on the cork, wrapped it around the edges and stapled them onto the back.  I used my husband's staple gun from his wood shop.  I love that thing and hate it.  It always seems backwards to me.  I almost stapled the floor and not my project on my first try.  
Anyhow, then I put more duct tape on the edges of the burlap on the back to keep it from unraveling more and called it good.
We tacked it up on the wall with finishing nails in each of 4 corners and one smack in the middle to keep it from bowing, since it isn't very strong in the middle.

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