Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Online Seller's Quick Guide To Fees

Hello!  I have someone asking me to list their items in my shop.  Now, they aren't really related, they are jewelry, so I'm thinking of splitting off my inventory into two categories.  But, I need to deal with explaining the fees, deciding what site is cheapest for them to use.  They aren't going to get the same benefit from Etsy as I do, for instance.  So, I'm in a decision making conundrum.  In looking at the fees to compare, I realized that it takes quite a few clicks to get all of the information.  I would have loved to find a site that details these items.  So, I thought I'd post about it.
Now, the caveats are these:  this is only a snapshot in time - the fees may have changed, so always look before you leap.  this is based on my research, for my shop, for my situation.  If you are a high volume shop, for instance, you may encounter bigger fees than I would, or smaller transaction fees, but monthly payments.
So, this is a compiled list of fees for the small crafter business as of 2/1/12 in alphabetical order to be fair.
webstore: 1 Month Free then $24.99/Month
Transaction fees for items sold on Webstore from 1.0%.  
Selling on Amazon Fees Not included
ArtFire offers 2 types of accounts: a Buyer account, and a Pro Seller account.
Pro Seller account - unlimited listings $11.95 per month
$0.50 listing fee
10% transaction fee
$0.20 listing fee
3.5% transaction fee
"Glider" - 25 product listings $9.99 / month
"Helicopter" - 250 product listings $29.99 / month
sellers pay 2.9% final transaction amount + $0.30

Yahoo! Stores
e-commerce starter $25.97 / month for first 3 months, then $39.95 / month thereafter
1.5% transaction fee on top of the monthly fee

Hope this helps!!!!!  If there are any more interesting ones, leave a comment and I'll try to add it, or at least approve it to be in the comments area!

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