Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rack Plaque Project

We have 41 items in our shop now.  It feels so gratifying just to have selection for people to look at.  The challenge is where and how to store items until they sell!  Don't worry, they are safe and sound.  But, we find small snippets of time to finish personal projects, too.  This Rack Plaque has been waiting since 2009.  The buck finally got the respect he is due.  We decided, after researching whether you could sell antler items, that we could sell our service to make this plaque.  So, we listed it as a custom order item, also.  It looks stunning with the Mossy Oak fleece.
First, my DH took Plaster of Paris to create the base and attach the antlers.  Then he sanded it into the shape and texture he wanted.  He finished the wood, wood burned the date into the bottom and set me free with it.  I cut a piece of fleece, which is thankfully stretchy and used fletching glue to secure it.  My fingers stuck together and everything!  But, the rack survived and so did I.  And, we are incredibly proud of this item.  Enjoy!

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