Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Upcycling Flannel Flat Sheets

So, we did another wonderful project with unused items!  I am so excited when we re-purpose items.  This time, we took flannel flat sheets that we don't use - my family is full of flat sheet haters, except for me! - and we created curtains.  For the window curtains, I just had to cut the flat sheet into 4 panels. It was the perfect size, almost exactly.  Very little waste here, as you can see in the photos.  Our windows are old, odd sized and hard to fit properly with modern curtains.  You can see the window sill peeking out form the middle of the curtain panels.
Yep, saddles are decoration in the girls' room

Ignore the unmade bed!
 Each panel fit one section of the curtain rod perfectly.  I had to cut open the sides of the top portion of the sheet to put the rod into.  So, if you look at a flat sheet, the top is folded nicely down about 4" or so and sewn.  To create the rod pocket, I opened the sides of that fold.  I cut it with pinking shears.  One of my new favorite tools, I must say!  For the two panels that came from the bottom portion of the sheet, I just folded them, pressed the seam at 4" and sewed it at the bottom of the 4" to leave the pocket open to insert the curtain rod.
Another wonderful use for flat sheets

For the other flat sheet we had, I cut open the sides of it, also, and hung it on the tension rod in the closet.  I had to cut the bottom up so it didn't lay so heavily on the floor, but that's about it.
Now, my husband keeps telling me that these all could be so much more fancy.  He told me I could add trim to the sides or bottom.  I could.  I agree.  I'm just so happy with repurposing all of these flat sheets that have laid around for years that I could burst.  Yes, my girls' room looks like easter colors, pastels.  But, they like the colors and they like the repurposed sheets.  So, they'll stay "unfancy" for now.  I'm conjuring up Caroline Ingles, making do with what is available. A stretch, to be sure, but it makes me feel connected to the old ways and more simple in nature.

I love being green!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  It feels good.

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