Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New focus for blog and Youth Turkey Day Story

So, I have made some pretty drastic changes recently.  I have decided, well, my husband and I, that I should and can stay home to be the home manager now.  He is working 50+ hrs per week and we have the ability to manage our household this way.  I will also be doing some virtual work.  In thinking of how and what my focus will be, I came up with an idea.  Not only to focus on our craft business and make more products, but to focus on a hunting blog.  A crafty mom blog that has a hunting theme or vice versa.  I have seen some blogs that are decidely technical in their talk of guns.  I have seen others who are going to be about moms and their hunting / shooting, but really focus more on the mom part.  Don't get me wrong, this is fine.  But, there are few female hunting resources out there.  I am going to give it a shot.  I hope to make this personal, educational, funny and full of resources.  This will tie in nicely with our crafting business: Hunters' Workshop.  See the theme I have going there?  LOL.

So, to start us off, here's our first hunting story.
The background: I have identical triplet girls.  I'll affectionately call them DD1, DD2 and DD3, using their birth order (and yes, they actually exhibit the traits of their birth order!)  We hunt, the whole family.  The first Saturday of April was Youth Turkey Day.  An exciting day here.  So, here goes...

The youth turkey hunt went by uneventfully.  All three girls got to go into the woods with their Grandfather, Mom (me) and Dad.
Our middle daughter was so excited, she had me set her alarm for her.  She got up, by herself, got her Grandfather up to go, got dressed and ready, ate breakfast and was out the door!  They went near the house, in a cow pasture that is our neighbors'.  After she walked down to her spot with her Grandfather, they heard a gobbler sounding off from his roost.  As I lay in bed, listening, I heard him and I got excited for her!  But, the turkey was pretty close to the house and I wasn't sure they had heard it in time to adjust their position.  He must've sounded off for a half an hour at least, may've even been an hour.  Suddenly, he went silent.  He must've come off of the roost and stopped talking.  In the meantime, DD2 and her Grandpa had decided to move towards the house to listen for him coming.  In doing so, their feet got soaked from the dew and DD2 got very cold.  She decided to give it up.  Oh well!  That was exciting, though!
Our lessons: try a locator call immediately, you never know when a gobbler may answer.  After locating, get situated quickly.  Wear waterproof boots (DD2 had children's hunting boots on, but didn't cut it).  Bring hand and feet warmers - guys, you, too!  Answer gobblers in kind.  Talk to him when he's talking, but don't overdo it.  Shut up when he shuts up.  But, keep him interested with some contented feeding noises and low clucks occasionally.  And, sit tight.  Sometimes they take a long time in getting to your position, but an interested gobbler of any size will always come check out hen noises.

Next post: adult opening day, when DH got a Jake!

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