Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunday Shooting

Sunday Shooting Fun
I wasn't quite sure what to call this blog post, but since it is about my family going out back into the yard and practicing our shooting, I'll stick with Sunday Shooting.  I've got some photos to share.  This is about 2 weeks ago.  Obviously, I'm behind on my blog posts.
Since then, i have finished my almost 3 week notice at my job and have been home for 3 days now, not counting the weekend.  But, it can't be that easy, right?  Since then I've also gotten sick.  I almost never get sick.  Boasted about how all of the folks at work got sick regularly and I always escaped.  My kids got sick. Not me!  My husband, too.  Not me!  I was so proud of my immune system.  Well, that's when you fall.  Pride always does it.  I'm sick.  Sore throat. Really sore throat.  Stuffy and runny nose. Mild chest congestion.  Just generally, ick.  Well, I am trying to salvage my day, so instead of waiting to post on my new schedule I have for myself, I decided to knock one out.  I'm sitting down, right?  Should be minimally taxing and then I can figure out if I need to lay down again or do something else before the ducklings get home.

DD2 with Marlin .22 bolt action rifle.  
Well, anyhow, enough of that update.  On Sunday, we like to make it a family fun day type of environment, with low stress.  We end up doing chores a lot of times because we are so busy.  But, lately we are trying harder to keep the chores on a Sunday to a minimum.  We have wound up outside a few times, practicing shooting.  It is a fun and relaxing family activity that we enjoy, so why not?  I don't think God would have an issue with that.
We have DD2 wanting to be a SWAT team member or Sniper, so I guess we need to practice, huh?  She has a long way to go, but she seems to be a natural shooter.  She does surprisingly well most times we practice.  She enjoys it and we encourage it.  Not for her to be a killer, mind you, just to practice, start competing and developing this interest.  We like to be supportive.  Besides, shouldn't daughters be strong and independent?  My daughter, should she ever get lost in the woods, would survive.  We keep working on all of their skills and knowledge to teach them independence, including in the woods, DH's favorite place.  We want them to know where their food comes from and how and be confident to ward off unwanted attention, be it man or bear!
Teach your daughters to hunt.
We firmly believe in teaching your daughter to hunt just as much as your son.  Besides, we have no sons!  My girls enjoy this as one-on-one time with their parents and get excited to go out in the woods with us.  We love hunting with the girls.

DH practicing w/ Bersa 9mm Thunder 9, one of the first models

Here is DH practicing with his gun.  I like this gun.  It is dead on for me, but we needed to adjust the rear sight to suit DH's shooting style.  More on that in another post.

Adult target post-practice.

Bragging time.  See those 4 holes on the left of the bullseye?  My DH's 9mm.  Now, see the one outside at 11 o'clock, then two more at 1 and 2 o'clock, then 3 in the bull, with one just at 7 o'clock?  Mine.  Dialing it closer and closer with my .40 S&W Glock 27.  I love my gun.  I'm deadly with my gun.  I'm happy with my gun.  :)  I'll review it later & my DH's for interested parties.

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