Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On being a squirrel and other preps for the upcoming deer season…

My green bean soldiers, standing ready for duty!
At the end of April, I quit my outside-of-the-house day job.  I had lofty aspirations of all of the things I could accomplish in one day at home.  Well, that plan has been derailed by real life.  I still have more to-dos on my list than time.  I am trying, however, to prioritize them.  I need to prepare for the upcoming craft show season, gift season, deer season and summer (the kids and I will be home together ALL day for 2 months!).

Canning central
My kitchen during canning

During this preparation, I am also channeling my inner squirrel.  I am gardening and canning like crazy.  I figure that if I can all summer, then I will have plenty of stores to get through winter until the veggies and fruits come back in season.  Hence, the hours spent over the stove.  There have been whole days that my oven and stove haven’t had a break.  My feet are complaining!  But, it brings me great joy to have stores to prepare for the family, and tasty, healthy alternatives, to be sure.  My DH and I had a conversation about the amount of sugar needed for a batch of jam.  My argument is this: I can alter that if I desire, and it has no preservatives like mass produced grocery store items.  I like that.  And, you can’t beat the taste of home canned green beans any day.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to store bought green beans, except in the raw form.  The only thing I add to my green beans is salt, and they taste exceptionally good.  I challenge you to try some.  Find some at a local farmers’ market and see what I’m talking about!

One day's work, chili on left, green beans on Right
As far as the upcoming deer season goes, we are preparing by saving money.  My DH wants a new climbing tree stand.  His weighed over 20# and he wants the new one that only weighs 10-15#.  I figure if we save up his gifts between Father’s Day and his birthday, and his Christmas gift card from his parents, we’ll get him the new stand by bow season in North Carolina.  He works hard, he’s earned it.  With his new job, he gets paid days off for once in his life and he’ll be taking some days in the woods.  That is exciting for both of us.  Maybe I can get my Mom to watch our girls and I can go with him a couple of times.  I enjoy going with my partner, even if I hold him back.  He likes to trek far off the beaten path to surprise unsuspecting deer.  I am not as gung-ho.  I love hunting, to be sure, but not enough to hump hills for 2 miles to do it.  I have other things that I need to take care of, like canning our fall garden produce, etc.

Other preps we are making for deer season include my plans to continue making cold weather gear both for sale and for my family.  I aspire to keep everyone warm and have some great ideas for blending in this season.  Stay tuned to our shops!

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