Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Climbing Treestands

Well, we are seriously wanting to start getting ready for deer season this year.  We are gearing up for groceries to sky rocket because of this drought the country is in currently.  We had a hearty garden harvest and are about to plant a second round for a fall harvest, we hope!

My husband has been talking about a new, lightweight climbing tree stand for deer season since last year.  So, he saved up his 'Good Daddy' gifts, from Christmas, Father's Day and his birthday, and he'll be getting a new, 15 lb. climber.  He likes to have this because he wants to walk, or shall we say hike, back into the woods as far as he can and setup to surprise the deer.  He gets up much earlier than I'm ever comfortable to do and gets out there.  More power to him.  I want a little more sleep than that!

He really wants a Lone Wolf climbing tree stand, but those are quite expensive.  I think he'll go with a Summit.  We are shopping at Bass Pro Shops since that is where his gift cards are redeemable.  His main concerns are the weight and the silence (like any hunter, right?).  So, we are still going to do some comparison shopping right up until we purchase, just in case something changes, you see.  I have actually read that the Summit stands are more comfortable.  These may be the ones with the deluxe seats on them, however, and to make it lighter, we are going with bare bones.  If he wants a backrest later, we may make him one.  Um, I may make him one!  Hmmmm.  We talked about having a mostly hand made Christmas this year.  That's a great gift idea, come to think of it!

What kind of tree stand do you use?  What would you recommend?

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