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My CCW solution search for Glock 27 on a female

Glock 27 in 40 S&W
Good old paddle holster
I don't remember if I was blogging at the time I purchased my uncle's Glock from him.  I was excited.  Totally stoked.  My uncle is a retired police officer.  He carried a Glock 27 as one of his side arms for a little while.  He had a full size Glock, got an opportunity to try the smaller Glock 27, then decided to just use it as a backup piece.  Since retirement, he has worked as a security guard, but carries a different gun.  I purchased his old side arm from him.  I am liking it.  It is the Glock 27 in 40 S&W.  I was going to get a magazine extender to have a better grip, but get this: my uncle heard that and went and bought it for me and gave it to me with the gun!  How sweet is that?!?!?  Well, with the gun came all of the paperwork, the original plastic case and a leather paddle holster.  Well, I thought, great, no need for buying a holster.  BUT.

Now that I've had it for several months and become well acquainted with it, I'm looking for concealment solutions.  Here's the story.

I wanted a purse.  I thought it would be handy and easier to carry, especially in the summer.  So, I got the Gun Tote'n Mamas Bag in camo.  I don't remember the name of it and can't seem to find it anywhere online to reference.  I got it from Cabelas, Inc., however, so maybe they have it exclusively.  But, here's a picture of mine:

Gun Tote'n Mamas concealed carry bag
The holster is part of the deal

I loved this bag when I got it.  I used it exclusively whether I carried or not.  It came with a simple holster that stays in place with hook and loop tape.  It can be repositioned to however you need your gun to be held inside the bag.

When I carried my Glock, however, I realized just how heavy it became.  And when I didn't, I wanted more room.  The handle is stiff and hard to adjust.  Whatever material they made it out of, it certainly does its job.  I like this bag, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't quite excite me anymore.

So, then I found this bag:  The Ful Peabody in Camo.
Ful Peabody in Camo

I was excited and geeked about it.  It happens that my Glock can fit in the uppermost zippered compartment. 

The 3 zippered compartments offer options.

But, I like to have a holster to protect it, not just let it hang in there free.  So, I used the simple holster that came with my previous bag and felt better. But, there again, the weight became an issue.

I really like this bag, though.  I wear it cross body style.  It keeps my hands free while I can then swing the bag towards the front of my body to access any of the compartments.

I started thinking about carrying on my person.  But, then, IWB or OWB?
(Confused?  IWB = In the waistband and OWB = Outside of the waistband.)
OK. Well, I was given a leather paddle holster with my gun, remember?  So, we were going to my parents' house one day and I decided to wear it.  I donned my camo belt and placed my paddle holster.  The inside of my elbow was resting on the gun. In fact, the gun was almost touching my, well, girls.  While I drove, a manual trans, the holster was digging into my hip.  I'm not very tall, mind you, about 5' 5".  As I shot and walked around at the 'rents' place, I realized this holster would not do.  Quite uncomfortable when worn with normally fitting pants.  When worn with pants a little big to accommodate said holster, the weight wants to pull your britches off!
Paddle holster from the top

UGH.  So, I keep looking online, seeking direction from some unknown place, some knowledgeable female who has gone before me.  I came upon a few different ideas that I may try.  Or I may try to create.

The thought has crossed my mind that I need to carry a smaller caliber, smaller framed gun, but then... I don't wanna.  The smaller framed guns don't fit my right hand well.  I feel like my fingers are gargantuan when I hold them because my trigger finger wraps all the way around back to my thumb and can even overlap my thumb almost entirely.  I don't like pulling the trigger with my knuckles.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Just leave a comment below or find a way to contact me in the sidebar to the right.  Whatever suits your fancy!

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