Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bow season opener

So, the time has flown by.  The girls started school in early August. I've been coaching their Rec League volleyball team and have practice twice weekly and games each Saturday. So, even though I can feel the coolness in the breezes and I know that fall is quickly approaching, I feel like hunting season snuck up on me.
Yesterday was the opening of our bow season.  I have been excited and anticipating this day, but found myself unprepared.  My plans were to put the girls on the bus in the morning, then get out to the woods.  Well, that didn't happen.  I have felt way behind in my home chores, lately.  For 2 days I traveled with my Dad and grandparents to look for potential homes for my grandparents in this area.  Exciting to think they may move here.  Then, I had volleyball games and then church and a Bible drill kickoff.  Phew. So, Monday came along and I spent the day nurturing my soul and making 4 batches of granola to put up for cereal, granola bars and homemade laundry detergent.  Ah. I felt better.  DH went out into the deer woods after work and didn't see anything.
Along comes today, the second day of season. Hmph. Not in the woods yet.  I am trying to catch up on stuff, house stuff, so I don't feel guilty about being in the woods.  Sometimes, you just need to regroup before you hit the next season of your life, right?  Well, that's where we are, regrouping.  I think DH isn't in total agreement with me, he's thrilled, but I'm regrouping.  I have a few items that are bringing me down and I'm kind of waiting for them to settle before I can reorganize my schedule and time and feel like I can focus on the hunt.
I'm planning on hunting this week, yet, so stay tuned for updates! :)

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