Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3D Archery Shoot results are in!

This is a sad, sorry tale, so if you don't like those, you may want to read a different post!

We, the Campbell family, got our bows out to prepare for the upcoming bow season (in 2 weeks!!!!!!).  Well, there's good news and bad news to that.
Our girls got a Bear Youth Bow for Christmas.  I can't remember if it is the Brave III or the Warrior III, but no matter right now.  After 2 years (or was it a very long 1 year?) of trying, they can finally pull that bow back!  Yippee!  We were excited to pull our bows back together, as a family, in the back yard.
Now, my DH picks up his bow each year during season, but I, on the other hand do not.  Last year I didn't take it out at all for some reason.  I think I was working, too much, and any time available in the woods needed to go to DH because he was more skilled and more ready than I. I sacrificed last year's seasons to him. I know, I know, I'm an awesome sportsman's wife!  LOL.  The girls somehow break one of the 4 arrows that come with the set.  Ok, we figure we'll still be fine.
So, we figured we needed to get over to the 3D archery shoot put on by the Davey Mtn Archery Club behind Hogsed's Sportswear for some practice.  Very excited we were.  We got up at a respectable time, got to the shoot an hour after it started and began the course.  Well, first thing I noticed was a group before us.  Very serious group.  The lady had on a nice wicking Easton shirt and they all had top of the line competition style bows.  Definitely not hunters.  They were using range finders and fancy sights.  Hmm.  Ok. To each his own, right?
We let 2 groups of 2 go ahead of us because we take so long.  Another lady and her beau shoot.  Her rig isn't as impressive as the first group, but still very nice competition style bow.  Hmm.  I'm surprised there are so many competitors, and ladies at that!  I would think we'd see more hunters in a rural area shoot.  Interesting.
So, we begin the course.  We get up to the blue stake on 2 hog targets and I miss one.  UGH.  The girls miss both, but no lost arrows.  Next target, a wolf.  I do ok, but the girls miss.  They can't find the arrow.  Next target, a bear.  The girls can't find their arrow.  They are down to one arrow remaining now.  Next target, a deer.  Last arrow down and out. Gone. Vanished. URRRR.
DH did okay, but I sucked (to put it mildly).  I missed over half the targets.  I didn't lose any arrows, though. 
Here is my 3D shoot summed up neatly:
Davey Mtn Archery Club 3D Shoot
You can imagine my displeasure.  Well, I better get to practicing!  But, first, I need to finish this canner load of corn and pick up the girls off of the bus, and get ready for volleyball practice.  I hope I have time to shoot today!  A bow or a gun.  Whatever.  Shooting rocks!  

You can keep track of the club's shoots by clicking on the link below:

Now get out there and practice!  Season is a comin'!

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